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ClubTelco customers can receive their monthly invoices in any of the following formats:

  • Email
  • Online (via MyAccount)
  • Post

Below is a sample ClubTelco invoice which is designed to help you understand your bill and outlines the various elements of your monthly charges.

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ClubTelco invoice sample page 01 This section shows a breakdown of any usage charges for the given period and the relevant service - the example shown is for Landline Service Charges and includes a breakdown of the fees and usage charges relevant to this account. All of the charges are then calculated and shown as total charges for Landline Services at the bottom, which in this case is $95.15.<br /><br />
This section will also include any pro-rata charges. Pro-rata refers to being charged a proportion of a fee on your bill.<br /><br />
Pro-rata may appear on your first invoice or if you change your services mid-way through a billing cycle it will also appear on your next invoice. Pro-rata is calculated based on the number of days between your sign-up/plan change date and the date of your actual billing cycle (inclusive). This shows the Total of all usage and service charges relating to this invoice.

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